f i r s t c h a p t e r

im georgia, a girl who adores books and the worlds they create. from a young age i’ve been intrigued by the magic of literature and music, and now as a young adult that passion has only grown. apart from reading, i also love music and autumn. you may be here from my bookstagram languuor where i post book related photos i take myself.

in 2015, i went through a completely book-obsessed phase where i had a different book blog and bookstagram, then sadly in early 2016 i dropped into a slump that lasted until very recently. by slump i mean that i barely finished five books in a year: it was a hard time in my life for other reasons, i had to move schools and my life has drastically changed since. however, since everything has somewhat calmed down, a week ago i found an old copy of looking for alaska in my sisters room and borrowed it. it made me remember how much i found comfort in reading, so i bought all the bright places, which i finished two days ago. it was the most powerful book i have ever read- i cried, laughed and it sounds cliche to say that it changed me, but it DId I SWEAR GO READ IT. now i’ve completely restored my love and obsession with literature and am reading once again.

when i was last very obsessed with books, i used this blog to rant about my feelings to do with my favourite books which were, at that point, limited to The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Selection.